vanilla grove apartments Kochi
  • Apartments
  • Kolenchery
  • 1263-1434 Sq ft
  • 2&3 BHK

About Vanilla Grove Apartments

How would you measure success? How would you know how rich your life is? Is it only about a fat purse, a cool job and a busy lifestyle? Or is it about a wholesome life, which would give you the best of both worlds? A life that would ensure you all material comforts along with the little joys of a simple life, like morning sunshine falling through the leaves or the uninterrupted song of a simple bird.

Presenting Vanilla Grove Apartments, offering you all the benefits of suburban living, which blends the comforts of the city and the serenity of the countryside to give you the best of both worlds.

Vanilla Grove Apartments is brought to you by Synthite Realty, the property development division of Synthite Industries Ltd, a conglomerate with an annual turnover of over $125 M and a host of diversified interests including bio-ingredients, spices, farm tech, hospitality and wind energy. With 4 successful luxury villa projects standing testimony to a proud tradition of trustworthiness and on time delivery, Synthite Realty focuses on creating living spaces that present a fine blend of aesthetics and functionality.

Vanilla Grove Apartments are everything what a usual apartment is not. Located at Kolenchery, a quite suburb of Kochi City, it keeps you close to the city, while providing you with all the blessings of nature. A project with just 30 apartments and a lot of space around, it is almost a retreat than a residence. But that doesn’t mean you are cut off from the world; schools, hospitals, places of worship, modes of transportation or even the IT hub of central Kerala, you are never far away from any of these. Add to it some of the modern amenities thoughtfully brought together to make your life easy, and here is an offer that you cannot refuse.

It is your home, and nothing short of the best would serve the purpose. Be it the design, looks or quality of the construction, the core concern is how well it would stand the test of time. At Synthite Realty, we understand your concerns and dreams, and it is this understanding that drives us to design and create homes that looks stunning, are functionally convenient and provides excellent built quality that others can only dream of. Aesthetics and durability are two features that come free with every Synthite home.

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