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lavender bay luxury villas Kochi


Lavender Bay

lavender bay

Lavender Bay is the latest villa project by Synthite Realty. It is conceived and designed to sync with the ‘heart of nature’ which is the most ideal living space for you if you love to lead a life in unison with Nature. We would love to call Lavender Bay 50% our project, and 50% Mother Nature’s, because we have set apart 50 percent of the land for nature, where vegetation thrives offering ample resources for a sustainable lifestyle. A blend of flawless luxury and genuine green ambience, Lavender Bay promises a life in perfect sync with the Nature.

  • Kolenchery
  • 2200-2638 Sq Ft
  • 3 & 4 BHK
ginger county 2 luxury villas kochi

GINGER COUNTY gives you a golden opportunity to step up in life and enjoy a lifetime you have envisioned only in your dreams. Be it the luxurious amenities we have made with exquisite layout and landscaping, every nook and corner of GINGER COUNTY has been crafted with precision and care to give you elegance, style and grandeur in every aspect.

  • Kolenchery
  • 2865-2918 Sq ft
  • 4 BHK
ginger county 2 luxury villas Kolenchery

On Going

Luxury Villas

ginger county luxury villas Kochi


Luxury Villas

ginger county luxury villas Kolenchery

Nestled in the comforting environs of Kolenchery, Ginger County is a residential enclave that blends the comforts of a modern lifestyle with the charms of easy, peaceful living. Ginger County features thoughtfully planned and tastefully designed luxury villas, along with exclusive lifestyle amenities such as club with party area, pool, fitness centre, outdoor games and more…

  • Kolenchery
  • 1828-2638 Sq Ft
  • 3 & 4 BHK
vanilla grove apartments kochi

Presenting Vanilla Grove Apartments, offering you all the benefits of suburban living, which blends the comforts of the city and the serenity of the countryside to give you the best of both worlds.

  • Kolenchery
  • 1263-1434 Sq ft
  • 2&3 BHK
vanilla grove apartments Kolenchery

Structure Completed


vanilla grove luxury villas cochin

Sold out

Luxury Home

vanilla grove luxury villas Kolenchery

One of the finest properties in Kerala from the finest builder in Kerala, Vanilla Grove is nestled in estate-like environs in the heart of prosperous Kolenchery. You’ll have easy access to all the amenities this thriving business town offers from your luxury home in verdant Kerala Bustling Cochin and its numerous opportunities – recreation or career – are just 35 minutes away..

spice villa cochin

Own your dream luxury home in Kerala, in one of Kerala’s best properties. Upmarket villas in the verdant and peaceful environs of Kolenchery, Kerala; Spice Villa is an ideal retreat. A project offering from Synthite Realty, one of the best builders in Kerala, Spice Villa promises all the luxurious features of a classic home.

spice villa Kolenchery

Sold out

Luxury Villas

rivera suites luxury apartment hotel kochi

Sold out

Luxury Apartment Hotel

rivera suites luxury apartment hotel cochin

A luxury apartment hotel set on the calm waterfront of Cochin city. A novel concept in its time, these waterfront apartments provide a home away from home to visitors in Kerala. It is a landmark property in Cochin and one of the finest properties in Kerala.